US Taxes for Canadians

  1. If you work in the USA on a Visa. (TN Visa, EB-1, E2, etc.)
  2. If you are a dual-citizen of Canada and USA
  3. If you own property in the USA that you sold or currently rent out for income.
  4. If you sold investments (Stocks, bonds, etc.)
  5. If you own a business (LLC, S-corp, etc.)
  1. Certified copy of Passport
  2. Proof of residence in Canada
  3. Filing forms & W-7
  4. US Tax ID number
  1. Apply for any Tax ID number you need
  2. File form 1040NR, 1040, or other (that applies to your needs)
Many Canadian’s invest in foreign real estate; whether it’s as a primary residence or used as a rental property.
Canadians, commonly known as “Snow Birds” can spend from 5-6 months in the USA when they own real estate to maintain their homes and/or get away on vacation. With owning real estate of any kind comes tax obligations depending on the use of the property.
  1. Must have or have applied for ITIN/TIN (Tax ID numbers for non US citizens to file a return.
  2. Must use up to date tax software for return
  3. Sending the correct forms to the correct addresses to the IRS

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