Having an idea of where to start and completing a tax checklist is important and a great way to stay organized. To better serve you there are a few main items required for you to file your taxes, certain forms and supporting documents are needed to file your tax return efficiently.

Our checklist provides a few basic standard items, that should be used to process your tax return. Refer to the checklist for any items that may be necessary for processing, for any additional items in question contact the GTP Tax (905) 239-0410 or CRA 1 (800)-959-8281.

To ensure our team provides you with optimal service be sure to fill out our checklist. By placing an X or a check mark on the items you DO have and will be using for the tax year; sign and date the checklist to confirm. Any items that DO NOT apply, leave the box BLANK.

Please Note: Should you not provide “ALL” items required to file your tax return and the CRA deems any pertinent items missing from your finalized submission, this becomes legal grounds for the government to assess or audit you.

****To start, you will need to have the following on hand to prepare a tax return. Email your checklist prior to your appointment gtptax@gmail.com or provide a copy on the day of your tax appointment. ****