The word “Audit “sounds scary especially when it’s linked with the CRA, but Audit is just a review, “a more in-depth review”. The goal of a CRA auditor is to check and confirm the numbers one has reported on the tax return are accurate, and a CRA auditor can do the same by checking the financial documents.

Audit avoidance by filing accurate returns is by far the best strategy; however, if one is selected for an audit, it should be taken seriously. GTP Tax Services is here to help, and we work closely with our client to ensure CRA questions are answered on the situation problem as quickly as possible.

Some of the Audit services we provide include:

  • Private Company Audit
  • Financial Statement Audit
  • GST/HST Audit
  • Internal Audit

In case you are selected for a CRA audit, don’t panic. Contact Us and we will reduce your stress and help you with the best possible outcome.

Audit Assistance CRA