Why am I being re-assessed by CRA?

First of all, don’t panic!The CRA randomly selects income tax returns for review as part of their normal operations.I am here to help. Here is what I need to help you complete the re-assessment submission:

  • A copy of the re-assessment letter from CRA for review
  • Copies of the documents CRA is requesting you to provide.

Please note, I do not retain copies of forms you provided me with your initial tax return. Once I entered the data into your original income tax return, I give you back your forms.

I review the re-assessment letter and can help you prepare the submission on your behalf. If you need my help, please book an appointment and have the documents above ready when we meet.

I noticed an error with my tax return. How do I get it fixed?

Additions and corrections to the original tax return are submitted using a T1 adjustment. Please book an appointment and have the following documents ready for the appointment:

  • Any T-forms (such as T4) or tax reduction receipts required for the submission